Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Clean The Microwave (environment friendly manner)

In this article we will learn another one of the ways that you can clean the microwave without any chemicals.

Janitorial Supplies or Material we need:

  • 1 bowl with water
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 dash of vinegar or a few drops of dishwashing
  • 1 clean cloth

We begin to clean!!!

The first step to take is to clean the glass plate is within our microwave. We can do it manually or with a dishwasher and a little vinegar. Then we clarify with water, dry it with a microfiber towel and put it back in the microwave.

To clean the inside of this appliance can clean with a sponge with water and squeeze of lemon, if you want a little more flavor we can put in the microwave to warm lemon or orange peel for three minutes. With what is produced is take off the fat, then you can pass a clean cloth.

How to clean the stainless steel, so ecological?

In this article we learn how to clean stainless steel ecological way to save our environment.

Janitorial Supplies and Material

  • Beeswax
  • salt
  • soap
  • lemon juice
  • cleaning cloth

Let's clean our stainless Steel

The first thing to do is identify the type of stain that has the steel object that we will clean.
If a rust stain caused by porosity or any defect in the material. We apply beeswax, we will spend a few minutes to harden, then apply a layer of salt. Then very quickly rub with the towel.

Proceed to the next step which is a solution utilize soap and rub with a cloth, remembering to avoid scouring pads or powdered soap, because it can scratch the surface, finally put water and proceed to rinse and dry with a microfiber towel.

If we want to shine the stainless can pass a damp cloth with lemon juice.

Clean the Cushions

In our home we always find some cushion, in bed, sofa or other places. Many times we forget that these objects in the home need proper cleaning.

Do you know how to clean cushions and pillows? Some people think that this process is somewhat complicated, but with the following tips that prove very easy to achieve.

When we started to make the cleaning of these objects, we divide it into two parts: the filling and cover. The second is very easy to clean, since you only need a wash in our washing machine, or identify the place of the spot and proceed to do by hand washing. The first is a little hard to clean, but not impossible.

Let's Clean the stuffing!

Manual: If the material is synthetic can perform the process manually and power wash the cushions and pillows with water and ammonia for 24 hours. After having put in water and passed this time and make sure we clarify that they are very clean.

Washer: We introduce the filling on a cushion to prevent accidents, and some tennis balls to prevent clumping and wash with cold water.

To prevent mites are in our cushions or pillows we must shake daily.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Several cleaning tips

On the internet we can find many cleaning tips, some might work very fine and others can go really badly when put into practice. We question, that we doing bad, remember that cleaning is a process that requires time and patience mainly. This is precisely what we should pay for cleaning, especially if we want optimal results. At present it is very difficult, because our work life consumes much of this time, but in many cases it is important to try to organize for these activities.
There are many tricks that transform this activity more enjoyable and not feel bored. In addition to facilitate this process and saving time is awesome.

Clean the mixer quickly and easily

In the kitchen we have graters or any other tools to achieve to process the foods at the time of use, this process leaves residues within the blades. We greased with olive oil before placing the blades to process a food, so when we do this task of chopping or grinding food, will be very difficult that any residue from sticking.

Leave the coffee pot very clean

Place a water and few oil, then turn it on and wait to make the process as if making coffee. This It will managed to dissolve all unwanted accumulations of minerals and impurities. Then we clean the surface with the microfiber towel.

Stain in the Oven

Many times when we are preparing food in the oven, these spilled liquids and to harden over time and it is very difficult to remove. We put a little salt or baking soda on the affected part, waited a few minutes and then proceed to clean with the towel.

Regularly clean the fridge

We must do the cleaning once a week. In this trick we can use homemade baking soda and warm water. Achieve the proliferation of bacteria and therefore unpleasant odors. Turn off with the oven to clean the rear rack, and proceed to use the towel, to remove dust and lint that accumulate.

Clean the dump

Normally are very few people who care about the cleanliness of the garbage cans, but really deserve special attention hygienic. This can get the next solution ½ cup ammonia solution in 3 liters of water. Then we put it in the trash and wait several minutes, and we can clean with a mop or towel. Can also be used to prevent the formation of mold and bacteria, a little salt, boron powder on the cubes.

Carpet pressured by furniture

This can be solved if we apply our steam iron about 15 inches or less from the affected area until we see that has been moistened. Then proceed with a comb to comb and let dry.

Clean the copper

Apply hot vinegar. After a while we apply a little table salt above objects and proceed to rub with microfiber towel or sponge and circular motion to polish.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Before that we begin is necessary the next janitorial supplies and material:

  • Microfiber towel
  • Bread
  • Breaker
  • Brooms
In many house we containt with this equipment for grinder the meat, this we help save time in the kitchen.

But you know the meat is very delicate are easily damaged, because have more surfaces.
Many times, we sting meat in the grinder of the our house, leftover food can be very difficult to remove.

If really we want remove this problema with our equipment and is very clean the next time that we use.

Only we have do is cut bread and then put in the breaker, the bread remove the pieces of meat in our equipment, is very simple.

For clean the surfaces you can use a microfiber towel with a Little of soap, then rub the the crushing machine.
To clean the remains of bread that have fallen to the ground and proceed to sweep, into the dust pan. put the waste into the dust pan.