Monday, December 31, 2012


Tips for wash the Bathroom

The bathroom is a set with the kitchen, are place than need many clean, already constant moisture and other particles is dirty with much frequency. In this text therefore we are a few tricks that will help landlords improve the look of the bathroom, use a janitorial supply, cleanliness and keep it in the best possible condition:

Wet Curtains
It can clean use the microfiber towel all purpose with a little hydrogen peroxide.

Spots of peroxide of the toilet
Squeeze a lemon and mix this liquid with two tablespoons borax. Then you can apply directly on the spots and leave few minutes, for finish we rub the toilet with a toilet bowl brush.

Glass of toothpaste
In this part exist two tips for remove the particles of dirty
  • The first trick is put salt to a glass with water and fill it with hot water, stir and throw the object and wait a few minutes and after you can dry the glass with the towel or cloth.
  • The second trick put the vinegar in the glass, wait a few minutes and clean with the towel moistened, for finish you can rinse with plenty of water.
Toilet background
If it is dirty the background, you can use any cola. Oddly this trick will leave the toilet sparkling.

Buff the toilet
Use a cloth wherein has soaked in kerosene, if you want than have a color bright, must hot vinegar, we rub with the towel and will be bright.

Soap page
We can use a mix hydrogen peroxide, you have do it a paste and then put in the object (toilet).

Against mold
For avoid this dirty in the curtain of the shower, you can wet with seawater and few drops of bleach after washing.

Inlaid in the bathtub
The best matter for the remove the inlaid of lime of the shower, is rub with the cotton soaked in lemon juice.

If you not have some janitorial supplies than use in this article, you can buy in internet, exist many store online.

Saturday, December 29, 2012



In our home, office or any place we must have cleaning tools and products of necessary for realize the clean of the house, is really important for save time and win efficiency.

Dustpan and Brooms

They are really important and are a must in our dwelling, because we can pick up the powder, remember use the brooms for the move the dirty to the dustpan. This is indispensable for the tidiness. In almost country in the world it use this janitorial supplies, you can find in the market of different material as metallic, plastic, steel between others. Exist in distinct size small, medium and big and many color.


Is the electronic equipment more practice to the time of clean the department, remove the powder, dirty and you can use in the rugs. You can buy in the market or internet, you search in Google or Yahoo "store online equipment" or "buy vacuum".

Mops and Buckets

The ideal it is have two buckets in a previous article I explain the reason, one with hot water for scrub and other water clean for wash the mop.

Towel and Cloths

You can used clothing, rags and other shirt than you not use.  Always there is preferences for use ones for others, for the crystal is important use the of type microfiber for not damage or scratch, the towel for the pans absorb best the water and other for catcher the powder.


Exist different types, categories and more of brushes you can use for wash the clothes, floor, wall, windows, bathroom, many is made for work hard.

Choose the products of clean

Is very complicated selected the articles of clean, because the market of janitorial is quite versatile, the basic are dishwasher, disinfectant, soap, soap powder, pinesol for scrub the floor and other as borax, methylated spirits, turpentine, cleaners, degreaser, etc. If you are interest en respect the nature you can buy the products biodegradable for environmental cleanup.


  • Use gloves.
  • Store products do not leave them out of reach of children.
  • Identify them correctly.
  • Do not mix.
  • If you use strong products ventilate the place.



clean the floor with janitorial suppyThe floor are the surface which are exposed to deterioration, especially in the zones of step continuo of the people and not only that, remember we put the furniture on the floor, the scratch than produce our choose as heels.

You can use the aspirator for clean this surface some of this janitorial equipment are very expensive, with this you can for aspire the crumbs, powder, fluff between others dirt. If we have the equipment we should remove the bag each times is full, one has to check if the bag is in place.
Other form the cleaner our floor is use the brooms, exist different type as I explain and other articles, we should know the surface before of selected this janitorial supply.

Mop the floor

The activity can be done once a week, but most individuals do every day, this depend if you have children's. For perform the tidiness is important the use two mop bucket & wringer. One it should have water clean to rinse the mop and the other it will have hot water with detergent for wash. Remember if you use a only bucket the water after a time, the water will very dirt, the floor remain opaque. The first step is pass the mop very wet and the second you pass  well drained. Always scrub back & forth.

Waxing Floors

Remember you know the surface of your floor in the market exist many type of wax. This you can apply with a microfiber towel-all purpose tied to a broom or mop or some squeegees, for this cleaner is used to remove wax, ammonia compound.

Types of wax for the floor
  • Solid paste waxes: This you can use if your floor is very damage, you can obtain results very satisfactory.
  • Liquid waxes solvent: Is very easy of apply, only we should with a rag of cotton, but takes less time.
  • floor exterior: apply a little of oil for protected, restore the natural bright. If is wood apply the cleaner for exterior wood and clear.

Friday, December 21, 2012



Janitorial Web is a website, is developed for the sales janitorial supplies. Each cleaning item is divide in various categories depending on the need of people. The janitorial companies we satisfy our clients in all than they need. Our site is a store online, the user can registers or simple select the category for then buy it.

In this article I answer the question how I buy wholesale janitorial supplies in this website? and I explain step to step, I hope of help for you this guide.

Step 1: Enter in JanitorialWeb

In your browser favorite put in the address bar the next direction. or clic in this link.

 Step 2: The screen of the website

Black: This is the category than divide, our janitorial supplies, you can selected any of this depending of the articles than you need buy.
Yellow: It is the products cleaning, is represented with some details a image, name, prices if you click in one of their, it open the webpage with the informatión of this.
Blue: This is the menu of the janitorialweb.
Pink: You can call us for if you want help, is totally free.
In this text field you can write the name of products in search, this way you save time.

Step 3: Select for buy janitorial supplies

Clic on the image, if you wan buy.

Step 4: Buy the super ostrich feather duster with wodden handle

Green: Here is found the name of articles.
Gray: This is the casepack, in the image you can watch this products have casepack:12(1Dz).
Purple: Here we can write the descripcion and features of each one.
Brown: The image of the cleaning items.
Black: Are two buttons "Add to Shopping Bag" and "Add to wish list". The first button is for add the item in the car or basket you can add all the products than you want.

Step 5: Add to shopping bag

Before you selected this option you write the quantity in the textfield, buttom of price. After you clic in the first button. The janitorial supply is add in the basket.
After you write the zip code of the state in the United State.
And you selected the shippin too. Then you finish press or clic in button Checkout. I recommend that you buy various supplies Because shipping is cheap.

Step 6: You write personal datas

 You write the text field with the data personals.

Black: You can wath the total to pay you.
Blue: The small box if you want any help. The other is wherein you write the data.
Brown: This is the data of you credit card.

If you not understand you can see this video.

I hope this guide can help you, if you need more help, follow us in facebook.


Thursday, December 20, 2012


Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen is one, of my favorite place, in it we can cook delicious foods, are moment wherein we thinking "the life is very beautiful" while enjoyed our food. But arrived this moment, we start the clean, we thinking a while, where start I?.
In this article I wrote some tips the places where it start. Remember you need some janitorial supplies.
Each people clean the form different the home, is not necessary do it as here, you can start, as you like. 

Step to step:

  • Where start I?

Personally I begin in the oven, if I have some utensils, proceed to remove in the other place for it not hinder or damage. We can clean the oven with a microfibertowel and a little sodium bicarbonate, but it have fat embedded, there is turn on the oven, now proceed to clean with water hot, clean the bottom wall and the door too. We clean until it looks clear, dry with a towel dry. You can used deodorant natural for remove the bad odor.

  • Clean the zone of fire

The kitchen in the actuality can be gas or electricity ceramic, depend of system you can use some this method:
Gas: Remove the burners and with towel dry and a little products cleanings, scouring the area where you place the burners, clarify and put accessories previously washed.
Vitroceramics: Always clean in cold for avoid an accident, you can spray any products commercial exist in the market.

  • Clean the tiling

In this we clean with a little of grease in the zone of kitchen, use too, a sponge. In this place is wherein adheres more than fat. You can use a tampico handle scrub brush and some commercial products cleanings.

  • Clean the extractor

If dirty the extractor, proper disposal prevents vapors and odors. Remember always you clean the extractor you turn off and unplug or disconnect switch.  Each time you cook, pass cloth dampened. One week is necessary clean. Remove the filters or screens spray with a grease, while clean with a sponge the bottom of bell, be careful with the motor. Dry in clean them up of bell, use one tablespoon of baking.

  • Clean the bell of the kitchen

Always must be cold and turn off, you use clean crystal or alcohol, if it have dirt you can use the turkey feather counter duster, if not have many fat.
  • Clean the floor

This use any brooms, but remember you know the type of floor, remember after you remove the dirt you clean with mops..
  • Clean the cabinets

In this place always exist remains of crumbs, food, sugar, salt ETC.  One time the month. Once a month, these residues should be withdrawn to prevent the appearance of insects. Empty the cabinets and repair the damage of the cabinets.

If you have some commentary, please do it. You are the most important for us.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The spots 

Are stains in the floor, wall, clothes and many others parts in this occasion, we talk about stains in our clothes.

Many times it can occur accident in our clothes already while eat food, cook. Normally this spots are of products or sauce. In janitorialweb we like give you tips for solution some this problems.
Cleaning spots in the clothes is one homework more difficult than exist, in the market we found different products chemistry we can used for try remove the spots, but many times this articles of cleaning can be toxic or we can cause allergies. 

However exist some home tips and some janitorial supplies, can give us the solution, and you search how remove spots in the clothes favorite.

Who we not this problems? The spots in the favorite clothes are very communes and very resistance.
 if you can test the next tips for cleaning the spots in the clothes.

If spots is recent: you act quickly for remove as soon as possible. With the a little salt, cover the stain. The salt absorber the oil avoiding entering the tissue. If you not salt you can used sugar or talc. When you see is dry you can brush use the brushes in the clothes.

For spot resistance: apply detergent of dishware on the zone stained of your clothes and rub up remove completely. You can test  with soap powder, in any case the important is cleaning, remember the clean the spot in dry.
This some tips for remove the spots in the clothes. In janitorialweb care about you.

For remove old stain of oil: immersed the garment in water in put little the alcohol and vinegar, let it soak for a while and then wash clothes normally.

If you dirt the floor you can clean with the broom for remove the salt and mops for finish.

Fernando García