Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Putting your Mop through the Wringer

Do you know the kind of abuse your mop bucket and wringer takes on a daily basis? From dirty, filthy water to and unknown mixture of grime, questionable liquids and everything else that gets mixed in with the cleaning products, your mop bucket and wringer goes through quite a bit. And guess what? You mop is being dunked in there every single day, pushing around old dirt on to your seemingly clean floor.

How about you upgrade? How old is your mop bucket and wringer? How old is your mop? If you haven’t gotten new floor cleaning supplies in the last year, maybe it’s time to think about getting new and fresh mops and buckets. Do your mops and buckets look clean or are they caked with grime from messes past? Maybe the wheels on your mop bucket and wringer aren’t quite what they used to be?

It’s much easier getting a new mop than trying to bring back the shimmer and shine that those mop brushes once had back when they were new. After months or years of abuse, it might be time to retire some of those trusty mops in exchange for cleaner, more absorbent, new mops.

With clean cleaning supplies, you will be a much more effective and efficient cleaner, and people who see you clean will definitely take notice. So go ahead, get a new mop. Get a new mop bucket and wringer. Look and feel cleaner. You’ll thank yourself later.

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