Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Affordability of Plastic Cutlery

There are many perks that can make an employee’s life a little easier. From coffee to affordable vending machines, making an employee’s life a little bit easier isn’t very difficult. One simple perk would be providing plastic cutlery for employees to take advantage of in the break room. This is one of the most affordable perks that a company can provide, and with many options available, including plastic cutlery sets that include salt and pepper, you can make lunch time a little easier.

Bob from accounting forgot his fork at home? No problem! By providing plastic cutlery, Bob doesn’t have to eat his microwavable lunch with his hands; this makes Bob a happy employee. Providing simple office provisions is a simple way to keep your employees happy and productive.

The best part is that plastic cutlery is incredibly inexpensive! For under $100 you can provide thousands of quality plastic forks, spoons and knives that folks will be grateful are there.

When you are an employer, it is important to take into consideration the small things that make employees’ lives easier. By providing for an employee’s basic needs at work you will make them a happy worker. Small things like providing plastic cutlery go a long way toward productivity and happiness.

Investments into employee happiness do not go unnoticed. Doing a cost analysis on the amount it would take to provide your business with small, relatively inexpensive perks like plastic cutlery and having an unhappy employee and the verdict is clear. Make a tiny portion of the budget available for quality paper towels, plastic cutlery and other break room essentials today!

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